I Took Over a Dozen Baths to Find a Bath Bomb Worth My Money

Zeynep Yenisey
·13 min read

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If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love taking baths, and I love a good bath bomb. It’s a simple way to unwind and pamper your body and mind; and as we all know, self-care is more important than ever these days.

There’s only one problem: Bath bombs are expensive. It’s difficult to justify spending $5 to $10 on a ball of fizzy soap that’ll last you less than an hour for a single bath – especially if said bath bomb doesn’t do what you paid all that money for it to do.

Slick Tip to get more for you money: Breaking or cutting a bath bomb into half or even smaller pieces will stretch your dollar even further and give you multiple baths out of one bath bomb. Most bath bombs will crumble and turn to dust if you literally try to cut it with a knife, so I like to put it in a plastic bag and hit it with a hammer so that it breaks into pieces. That way, you can eyeball half or however much of it you want to use.

To help make your baths more affordable, I took 13 baths with 13 different bath bombs – with everything from high-end designer bombs to cheap drugstore finds – to compile the ultimate guidebook for a luxuriously pampering bath to fit any budget. [Editor’s note: One bomb was left off the list since was sold out at the time of publishing, but our writer really did take 13 baths! The opposite of Dirty Jobs]

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2 Budget-Friendly Bath Bombs to Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks

Dr Teal’s Ultra Moisturizing Coconut Oil Bath Bombs
Price Per Bath: $1.60 | Reg. Price: $3.99 for a pack of five

Dr Teal’s Ultra Moisturizing Coconut Oil Bath Bombs
Dr Teal’s Ultra Moisturizing Coconut Oil Bath Bombs

Pros: Extremely affordable, natural ingredients and very soothing.
Cons: They’re small bath bombs and a little crumbly. They’re also not as fun as Lush bath bombs.

Epsom salt is basically a cure-all, so these bath bombs are my go-to for when I have aches and pains, I’m feeling a little stressed out or when my eczema starts acting up. The scent is nice and light, and the coconut and jojoba oils in it are very soothing and moisturizing.

I also like these because they come in a pack of five for $3.99, which comes out to approximately $0.80 per bath bomb. They are quite small at 1.6 ounces per pod, so I use two for a full bath. And even when you use two, it’s really affordable and much cheaper than designer bath bombs, even though they’re admittedly less aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, I highly recommend these – especially if you’re someone who has sensitive or troublesome skin.

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Bodycology Sweet Love Bath Fizzies
Price Per Bath: $0.62 | Reg. Price: $4.97 for a pack of eight

Bodycology Sweet Love Bath Fizzies
Bodycology Sweet Love Bath Fizzies

Pros: Cheap, smells great and leaves skin super soft.
Cons: There aren’t any!

This was the most budget-friendly bath bomb I could find at $4.97 for an 8-pack – so around $0.62 per 2.1-ounce pod. I was really shocked at how much I liked these; the scent is sweet and floral, and my skin felt really smooth and soft afterward. It also didn’t dye my tub at all and didn’t leave any residue.

Check Price at Walmart

6 High-End Designer Bath Bombs That Are Worth Every Single Penny

OUAI Chill Pills
Price Per Bath: $10.00 | Reg. Price: $30.00 for a box of six

OUAI Chill Pills
OUAI Chill Pills

Pros: Extremely moisturizing, smells great and doesn’t dye the tub.
Cons: It’s expensive, and the bath bombs are so small that you have to use two to get the full benefits. You also have to clean the oils out of the tub afterward.

This was one of the more expensive options I tried at $30 a box. The box has six individually wrapped bath bombs, so each bath bomb is $5, though it’s worth noting that each pod is pretty tiny at 1.5 ounces so I ended up using two for a full bath.

The scent is light and floral and was a lot more moisturizing than I expected. Unlike bubbly bath bombs, this one is full of oils that left my skin really smooth and soft. However, my bath cost me a total of $10 since I used two, and that’s a fairly steep price for a single bath.

To see how I can stretch my dollar further with these, I decided to break one in half ($2.50) and used it as a luxurious foot soak before giving myself a pedicure. I actually liked it a lot more that way, and I’m probably going to use the rest as foot soaks. The only other thing to note is that it leaves a slick oily residue on your bathtub, so be careful not to slip.

Check Price at Sephora

Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter and Rose Bath Bomb
Price Per Bath: $3.50 | Reg. Price: $6.99 for a pack of two

Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter and Rose Bath Bomb
Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter and Rose Bath Bomb

Pros: Very moisturizing and reasonably priced.
Cons: The scent might be overwhelming to some people, and I had to scrub my bathtub to get rid of the residue after my bath.

This came in a pack of two for $6.99, making each bath bomb about $3.50. And since each one is 3.9 oz, it’s a reasonable price for the size. The scent was very strong, so if you’re someone who likes fragrant baths that smell of roses and coconuts, you’ll like this. On the other hand, if you have a sensitive nose, this might not be the one for you even though the affordable price is tempting.

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Lush Turmeric Latte
Price Per Bath: $8.95 | Reg. Price: $8.95 for one

Lush Turmeric Latte
Lush Turmeric Latte

Pros: It’s luxurious, smells decadent and divine and leaves skin feeling soft and delicately scented.
Cons: It’s expensive, and the sparkles are annoying to get rid of.

The Turmeric Latte from Lush is hands down my favorite bath bomb that I’ve ever used. It’s like liquid gold as it’s dissolving. The water turns a glimmering shade of gold and is full of glitter, making the experience very luxurious. The scent is heavenly: warm, spicy and sweet without being overwhelming or overly saccharine. After my bath, there was no slick residue or color left on the bathtub, but as whimsical as the glitter was, I had to run water over my tub a few times to wash it all away.

When it comes to the price, it’s one of the more expensive bath bombs at $8.95 for 5.9 ounces. Rather than using it regularly, you might want to use it as a special treat, but it’s worth every penny in my opinion. While I’ve never done it, it might be worth breaking this in half to get two baths out of it.

Shop Lush

Barr-Co. Saddle Bath Bomb
Price Per Bath: $6.00 | Reg. Price: $6.00 for one

Barr-Co. Saddle Bath Bomb
Barr-Co. Saddle Bath Bomb

Pros: The smell is phenomenal and soothes tense muscles.
Cons: The only downside is that it’s expensive.

This is one of my longtime favorites. It’s packed with Epsom salt and essential oils like sandalwood and patchouli that smell heady and sensual, and the vintage-style packaging really adds to the luxurious aesthetic.

At $6.00 for 4.3 ounces, it’s not one of the cheaper, everyday bath bombs, but it’s well worth the price. I’ve bought this more times than I can count and love it.

Find at Bloomingdale’s

Yuzu Soap Bath Bomb Cubes
Price Per Bath: $8.00 | Reg. Price: $16.00 for a box of two

Yuzu Soap Bath Bomb Cubes
Yuzu Soap Bath Bomb Cubes

Pros: It’s made with natural skin-soothing ingredients, and the minty essential oils in it feel exceptionally nice.
Cons: It’s expensive.

Don’t let the relatively steeper price tag turn you off – it comes in a pack of two for $16.00, so each bath bomb is technically $8.00. The fresh and tingly eucalyptus scent alone makes it worth the price, and it made my skin very soft. Something I particularly liked about this one is that it’s made with all-natural ingredients and clay, making it great for sensitive skin.

These are on the smaller side at 3 ounces per bath bomb, so keep that in mind. It didn’t leave any color or residue on my tub, which is always greatly appreciated.

Shop Nordstrom

AcuPlus Pain Relief Bath Bomb
Price Per Bath: $6.00 | Reg. Price: $18.00 for a pack of three

AcuPlus Pain Relief Bath Bomb
AcuPlus Pain Relief Bath Bomb

Pros: Beyond soothing and very effective for pain relief.
Cons: The price is steep and smells somewhat medicinal.

As the proud owner of a bad knee that’s been operated on three times and a foot that’s been broken so badly that I needed surgery on it, you can trust me when I say these bath bombs are incredible for aches and pains. They’re packed with arnica, magnesium, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and glucosamine to melt the pain away. They’re also great for sore muscles after an intense workout.

Each bath bomb is 4.3 ounces, which is a decent-sized pod. It also comes in a pack of three, so each one is $6.00 — on the expensive side for a bath bomb, but when you want pain relief, it’s completely worth it.

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4 Novelty Bath Bombs to Satisfy Your Whimsy

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar
Price Per Bath: $3.25 | Reg.Price: $12.95

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar
Lush Brightside Bubble Bar

Pros: Fantastic scent and lots of great bubbles that last a long time, and a little bit of the bar goes a long way! You’ll get at least four baths out of it.
Cons: I didn’t notice any noteworthy skin-soothing benefits.

Here’s one that’s just a little different: Unlike a bath bomb that you toss into the bath, Lush’s bubble bars make tons of sudsy bubbles when you break off a chunk and crumble it under running water.

I used a little less than a quarter of the bubble bar (around $3.25 worth), and let me tell you – it was one of the best baths I’ve ever taken. The scent was outstanding – bright, citrusy and energizing. Obviously, using more of the bubble bar will make for a stronger scent and more bubbles, but I got lots of soft, fluffy bubbles that lasted the entire duration of my bath with the small amount I used.

Shop Lush

Da Bomb Glow Bath Bomb
Price Per Bath: $7.50 | Reg. Price: $7.50 for one

Da Bomb Glow Bath Bomb
Da Bomb Glow Bath Bomb

Pros: It has a fun little light in the center and smells good.
Cons: It doesn’t have much else to offer aside from the novelty, especially for the price.

I’ll admit this bath bomb was a fun experience. It has a little light in the middle that activates when submerged in water, and it was pretty cool with the lights off. It is, however, a little too expensive for the product itself, and it didn’t really do much in terms of bath bomb-ness. This is better suited for entertaining little kids as opposed to a pampering, relaxing bath.

Check Price on Amazon

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb
Price Per Bath: $4.00 | Reg. Price: $7.95 (yields 2 bombs when broken in half)

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb
Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Pros: The glitter and the swirling colors were magical to watch, and my skin felt great afterward.
Cons: It’s expensive if you use the entire bath bomb for one bath, and I personally didn’t love the scent.

Lush’s Intergalactic bath bomb isn’t particularly cheap at $7.95 for a 6.3-ounce bomb, but it has a 4.7-star rating and sounded like it was worth trying.

I decided to break mine in half to see if I could get two baths out of it, and it worked out better than I anticipated. The scent wasn’t as strong as it would have been with the whole bath bomb, obviously, but I’d personally say it’s fine to use half.

As for the bath bomb itself, the colors were the best part. It was an explosion of blue, green, purple and glitter, but the scent wasn’t really doing it for me. That part boils down to personal preference, though.

I will note, however, that breaking it into smaller pieces to get two baths out of it takes a little bit away from the visual experience. I watched a YouTube video of the whole bath bomb dissolving, and it creates a swirling galaxy of colors. With smaller chunks, I got similar explosions and swirls of colors, but not the same mystical pattern.

It also has little popping candies throughout it that make crackling sounds as it dissolves (according to Lush it is actual candy, but please don’t eat it), which was a fun surprise and is something kids would really enjoy.

Find at Lush

Dionis Pure Goat Milk Bath Bomb Milk Carton
Price Per Bath: $5.00
| Reg. Price: $9.99

Dionis Pure Goat Milk Bath Bomb Milk Carton
Dionis Pure Goat Milk Bath Bomb Milk Carton

Pros: Soothing and nourishing for the skin and smells fantastic.
Cons: Very expensive for a bath bomb if you use the whole thing for one bath.

Goat milk is known to be great for the skin thanks to its nourishing properties, and this bath bomb from Macy’s really delivers. I’ve used this a couple of times with great results, and I especially love the scent of it. It’s a really creamy, decadent fragrance that lingers on the skin for a while.

The bath bomb is on the larger side, so I broke it into pieces with my hammer technique and used half to get two baths out of it for $5.00 each.

Shop Macy’s

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