If You, Too, Were Hurt by the ‘Insecure’ Season Finale, Twitter Shares Your Fury

Lauren Puckett

From Cosmopolitan

Spoilers ahead for Insecure season 4, episode 10.

If you’ve just finished the Insecure season 4 finale, might we recommend taking a few deep breaths? Yes, we know HBO’s beloved comedy-drama just threw a couple of huge (and infuriating) plot twists your way, but hey, creator and actress Issa Rae says we should be hopeful for what comes next. And we trust her, always. Right?

Let’s review the source of all this commotion. First, there’s a charming date between Issa and Lawrence, interrupted by a troubled search for Tiffany, whose struggles with postpartum depression have led her to go MIA. There’s a romantic breakup between Molly and Andrew and an even more heart-wrenching potential breakup between best friends Molly and Issa, who’ve discovered that, maybe, their once-great friendship is no longer worth saving. Oh, and then there’s the major bombshell: Lawrence’s ex Condola is pregnant with his child, conceived before he and Issa got back together. And she’s keeping the baby.

All this has, understandably, left fans metaphorically hyperventilating into paper bags. Insecure’s fourth season has been a 10-week respite for fans during an inarguably emotional time, during which the coronavirus pandemic has sickened thousands, the global economy has tanked, and protests against racism and police brutality have erupted throughout the world. In response, Issa thanked audiences for believing in these fictional characters—and all they represent in the real world.

But despite its devout fan base, Insecure isn’t immune to getting roasted on Twitter. After last night’s finale, particular pain points included Molly and Issa’s “trauma bonding” as well as Condola’s, er, complicated path back into Lawrence’s life.

But director and showrunner Prentice Penny made a point to defend the show’s decisions, arguing the construction of each scene was deliberate.

Yvonne Orji, who plays Molly, said the “Molly hate”—i.e., fans piling up on Molly for her stubbornness and toxicity—took her by surprise.

Many of the memes were reserved for Lawrence and Condola, whose bun in the oven is sure to alter the course of season 5.

Okay, but hear me out: All this drama will almost definitely open the door for Nathan to reenter Issa’s life (as more than a friend, perhaps?). I’ve got conflicted feelings, but some fans are psyched at the opportunity.

All this leaves me with only one question: Can we have season 5 ASAP, please?

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