Tony Hawk calls out comedian, Bert Kreischer for not wanting to do an ollie during podcast interview

Okay, imaginary scenario: If comedians Bobby Lee and Bert Kreischer played a game of SKATE, who are you putting your money on?

After Bert's interview on the latest Hawk vs Wolf episode—and seeing the proof of Bobby Lee landing an ollie, plus the fact that Bert rolled up in Birkenstocks—it's a no brainer. Sorry, Kreischer! But my money is on Bobby.

Anyways, love him or hate him, but Bert "The Machine" Kreischer was a great guest on Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis' latest podcast and as always, the conversations were flowing. There's a lot going on, but all the "who's better in bed" talk will definitely make you laugh.

"I don't know about you vert guys..." said Bert.

"You don't even know us, dude..." Jason replied, with a comically stern look.

Pretty funny.

Aside from that, these three dive deep into Bert's work on his latest feature film THE MACHINE, his lack of (but persistent) skating ability, and of course, some of his craziest stories in the comedy scene.

But in my opinion, the cherry on top was Tony and Ellis taking a fun little jab at Bert for "wanting to learn how to Ollie," but showing up in sandals. "Ohhhh, how convenient," says Tony, a moment before offering his size 13 Lakai's to Bert. "Open-toed soles."

We're still waiting on that Ollie, Bert...people don't forget!

Video / Hawk vs Wolf

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