Tonight’s Dinner is Planned Because You Can Now Shop Prevention Recipe Ingredients on Instacart

Photo credit: Hinterhaus Productions - Getty Images
Photo credit: Hinterhaus Productions - Getty Images

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We’re so eager for you to try the delicious, healthy recipes from the Prevention test kitchen (like Roasted Chicken and Potatoes With Kale) that we want it to be super easy for you to get cooking. So, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with our favorite shopping app Instacart, in conjunction with their new initiative Instacart Health—it means you can seamlessly get all the ingredients from our recipes delivered to your doorstep.

Photo credit: Instacart
Photo credit: Instacart

With Instacart Health, the company is focused on getting healthy, affordable, and delicious foods to people everywhere. One great benefit is that you can now shop for ingredients to make your favorite, good-for-you Prevention recipes directly on our recipe page, and many recipes will even be available on the Instacart app. For example, if you’re really craving Pan-Friend Chicken With Lemony Roasted Broccoli for dinner tonight, head to the recipe page and you can shop all the ingredients directly on Instacart. Instacart has over 900 retail partners, works with 75,000 stores, and is available in 5,500 cities in North America.

In addition to partnering with health brands (like us!) to make online recipes shoppable, Instacart has also added tools on their website that include health tags (like low-sodium and gluten-free) on ingredients to make shopping easier. They also have technology that simplifies ordering groceries for loved ones, and makes it easy for dietitians to send shopping lists to clients.

Photo credit: Instacart
Photo credit: Instacart

A crucial element of Instacart Health is to increase equitable access to healthy food across the country. Food insecurity is on the rise, but Instacart believes that grocery delivery can help close that gap: 6 out of 7 people experiencing nutrition insecurity have access to delivery via Instacart. Plus, affordability is important: Many retailer partners of Instacart can now accept EBT/SNAP benefits as payment, and the company’s new Fresh Funds program allows organizations, employers, and others to provide funds for people to purchase fresh food via the platform. “For far too long, too many people have lacked access to nutritious food because it’s either too far away, too expensive, or both,” says Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America. “With help from Instacart and their Fresh Funds initiative, we can break down these barriers.”

We’re happy that Prevention’s healthy recipes are a part of the new Instacart Health program, and if you’re excited about getting your nutritious ingredients more easily, you can also check out the recipes from brands like Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Delish, and The Pioneer Woman; you can easily purchase their ingredients too. Now, let’s get shopping!

How to get your favorite Prevention recipe ingredients on Instacart

Step 1

Find a Prevention recipe that you’re excited about (we’re big fans of these Healthy Spinach & Goat Cheese Egg Muffins), and select get ingredients with Instacart below the ingredient list.

Step 2

Once you’re logged into your Instacart account and find a store that works for you, you can begin to customize your cart. The ingredients the recipe calls for will be added to your cart, but you scrap the ones you already have on hand, and add any additional items you may need (are you running low on toilet paper?).

Step 3

Does everything look good? When the cart is ready and it’s time to check out, tap on the shopping cart. This is your opportunity to add any additional instructions for your shopper and use the swap button to switch out ingredients.

Step 4

Here you can add in your address, payment, and delivery time. This can be as little as one hour, or you can schedule as long as five days in advance, so it’s equally great for last-minute planners and Sunday meal-preppers.

Step 5

At this point, you can also choose a replacement ingredient for items that may be out of stock. Click let shopper suggest for a substitute suggestion or refund item if you’d rather not have the item at all. You’re then able to make changes up to an hour before shopping begins and you can even chat with your shopper in real-time.

Step 6

Thank your shopper as they drop off all your groceries needed to make your Prevention recipe right at home! Now, get cooking!

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