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What is the ‘tomato, tomato, tomato’ sound on TikTok?

There’s a reason everyone is saying “Boo, tomato” — and you can thank TikTok.

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The phrase “Boo, Tomato,” or some iteration of “Boo, I’m throwing tomatoes,” has taken over social media. It all started with a viral video by the TikToker @niqqitee. The influencer was discussing her dating woes when she dropped the iconic phrase. Not only is the sound all over TikTok, but now it has also entered the popular lexicon (online at least).

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“And the fact I didn’t get tickets for this show and got waitlisted. Boo, throwing tomatoes,” an Olivia Rodrigo fan said on Twitter after they missed out on a concert.

Influencer @niqqitee posted the original video back in December 2021. People quickly begged her to isolate the snippet and make it a sound.

“Oh my god. Corny. Lame. Boo. Tomato. Tomato. Tomato. I’m throwing tomatoes,” @niqqitee said in a completely deadpan voice.

The audio was practically destined to become a meme because it’s applicable to just about anything anyone doesn’t like. It has since been used in over 213,000 TikTok videos.

“When your friends want to dress casual everywhere,” fashionista @ruesworldd said in a video with the sound.

TikToker @austin_campbell0 used the sound to describe the feeling “when they ask for the manager right away instead of fighting with me.”

“When it’s a month till Valentine’s Day, and he hasn’t asked you to be his Valentine yet,” @tre3_leches wrote in a video caption.

“When someone says I wear too much makeup,” @amandadiaz said in her TikTok.

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