Tom Wallisch Reveals One Of His "All-Time Fav Tricks"

Instagram/Tom Wallisch

Tom Wallisch, like other professional skiers of his caliber, has a vast arsenal of freestyle maneuvers to choose from. Jump Tricks. Rail Tricks. Butters. Grabs. You name it -- Wallisch can probably do it.

You might think that this enormous variety might engender decision fatigue. How can you pick your favorite tricks when you can do more than most skiers on Earth?

Not so for Wallisch.

In an Instagram post yesterday, the Pretzel Man revealed one of his all-time favorite tricks. Try and make a guess before checking out his post.

Anyone else think it was a rail trick? I had my money on 270 to pretzel 270 out -- Wallisch is called the Pretzel Man for a reason. While his jump game is top-tier, I like to think that he made a name for himself via his rail skiing capabilities.

Yet, it appears Wallisch's favorite place is in the air. Or, rather, one of his favorite places is in the air -- the cork nine blunt grab is among his preferred tricks, which leaves room for a rail trick or two.

I'd love to hear his trick top five to see if my guess would put me in the money.

If, at this point, you're wondering what all this "pretzel" nonsense is -- isn't that a snack? -- I have you covered. In freestyle skiing, a pretzel refers to instances where a skier spins one way onto a rail before spinning the opposite direction off of the rail.

I completely recognize that the sentence, try as I might, might not fully clarify things, so here's a video from Coach Trifes to clear up any lingering questions.

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