Tom Selleck Makes Big Change to His Iconic Facial Hair

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Tom Selleck

There have been a lot of serious side effects from the Hollywood strikes, but who would have guessed on the lighter side that some SAG-AFTRA stars would also put their razors on strike?

Page Six caught Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck going hirsute since he hasn’t had to report back to duty as NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan since the series wrapped Season 13 earlier this year.

Today, the handsome 78-year-old actor has added more facial hair to his signature bushy mustache by growing a full beard—and he was caught on camera running errands—almost incognito—on Sept. 25 in the San Fernando Valley, where he attended high school.

Selleck and his wife Jillie reside on their ranch in Ventura County, a former avocado ranch, which was decimated by the drought.

“The ranch is on wells and they wouldn’t support my crop anymore, so I had to watch 20 years of work and 20,000 trees die,” Selleck previously told Parade. “But I never ate avocados anyway. Other than David Letterman made me eat one on his show once. Almost triggered a gag reflex. But they’re very good for people.”

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Selleck enjoys puttering around on the property, so even though Blue Bloods films in New York City, Selleck has always commuted, returning home for all-important family time.

But now that the writers strike has ended, if we’re lucky, Selleck may be spending less time working on the ranch and more time working on the script for the tenth film in the Jesse Stone franchise, based on the novels by Robert Parker.

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“I just want to do something that earns its way into what I would call a box set of 10 movies, instead of nine,” Selleck previously told Parade about the critically acclaimed film series. “Yeah, I could get a paycheck and just call it Jesse Stone, and grow my hair right and walk around. But I’ve always wanted each one to be better than the last.”

When Blue Bloods does return to CBS—sometime in 2024—it will be premiering its 14th season.

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