Tom Holland slips into addiction in the sweeping trailer for the Russo Brothers' Cherry

Randall Colburn
·1 min read

After getting down and dirty in Netflix’s The Devil All The Time, Tom “Spidey” Holland will again flex his dramatic abilities outside of a green screen. Joining him are the Russo Brothers, the architects behind Infinity War and Endgame, who are also dialing down their big-bang aesthetic with Cherry, a sprawling addiction drama based on Nico Walker’s 2018 novel. We caught a teaser of the Apple TV+ original film over the weekend, but now a full trailer has arrived to show Holland’s striking transformation from doe-eyed schoolboy to PTSD-afflicted veteran to drug-addled criminal.

Co-director Joe Russo tells Entertainment Weekly the film represents Holland’s transformation “from a teen actor into an adult actor.” He adds that it’s their personal proximity to the opioid epidemic, which he describes as an “existential blight that has gripped the Midwest,” that led them to pursue the project.

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Watch the trailer below:

Ciara Bravo co-stars in the sweeping drama, which, across its six chapters, careens through events both absurd and tragic. Each chapter, according to the directors, was shot like “individual, miniature movies.”

“We like mixing incongruous ideas and seeing how they morph and surprise us,” said Anthony Russo. “That’s when things become really slippery, when you’re smashing together things that don’t normally fit together. And that’s exciting for us on a creative level.”

Cherry arrives in theaters on February 26 and will premiere digitally on Apple TV+ on March 12.