Tom Brady's Week 4 performance proves he's not washed

Liz Loza and Matt Harmon dish on Tampa Bay after Tom Brady threw 5 touchdowns in Week 4.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Let's talk about-- about Tom Brady and the Bucs though because if there's anybody who gets superlatives written about them regularly, it's this guy. He recovered from another pick six to put up 369 yards and five touchdowns. What's most impressive about that, we mentioned how the Chargers defense was beat up, but no Chris Godwin in this one. He's also unlikely to play on Thursday. Noticeable injury to Mike Evans who is in and out of the contest, but still put up seven catches for 122 yards and a score on just eight targets.

Scotty Miller, who entered this one less than 100%, managed 83 yards and a score on seven targets. Interesting again to note that when you don't see Chris Godwin, Scotty Miller does have an increased profile. We also have to talk about OJ Howard if we're talking about the pass catchers though because he's likely out for the season with a ruptured Achilles. So, again, Scotty Miller is now becoming part of our regular conversation.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, no doubt. This is an offense that continues to change and evolve just by who's available to them too. It's crazy, like, we still-- this is-- this is obviously by far the biggest and most productive game that we've gotten from the Bucs so far, and it's crazy that it still feels like we haven't got them all together, which is why-- which is why people are intrigued by the potential of this team, by the ceiling of this team is because Brady's out here dropping 300 bills and five touchdowns, and there's no Chris Godwin, as you mentioned. Like, Scotty Miller also came into this week banged up.

Like, there's still so much potential to mine out of this offense. And with the Saints looking, you know-- I mean, they've had a great-- great game today, but it's the damn Lions. Like, I think the Bucs are in position to potentially win the NFC South if they can continue to click.

And yeah, Brady, I think we can completely put to bed this idea that he might be-- you know, to a point where he can't-- like, cooked. Like, I don't think he's looked cooked at all this season. There was a little bit, like, uh, week one, a couple of dicey throws or whatever. But it seems like that's been more and more to blame-- like, blame miscommunication for that. Blame the lack of timing for that.

LIZ LOZA: Well, it's a continuity issue, right? We talked about that heading into-- heading into the season, like, the teams who had continuity leaning their way, especially with the craziness and the unprecedented offseason, were going to have an easier time throughout the month of September and early October.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, and Brady and Evans, especially, I think were-- they were the two that looked the most off rhythm in week one.

LIZ LOZA: Initially. Yeah.

MATT HARMON: Yes. And now I think that's, like, being completely put to bed. I mean, he had like a Matt Asiata stat line last week where he had two targets-- two catches, two yards for two touchdowns last week. And obviously, in this one, he's banged up, but still draws-- draws, like, the best-- draws the best match-ups, draws everything out of this-- out of his passing game, despite the injury.

And I think he and Brady are in rhythm now, and that's great for Mike Evans. It'll be great when Chris Godwin does come back too. So, like I said, I think there's still a higher ceiling to reach for this offense and that is pretty exciting.