Tokyo's Favorite Doughnut Shop Is Coming to New York City

Get ready to try what might be the fluffiest doughnut in existence.


I'm Donut

A new type of doughnut is officially on its way to New York City. Last week, I’m Donut, a Japanese doughnut chain with five locations across Tokyo and Fukuoka, announced that it will be opening in Times Square.

“Not every Japanese person is familiar with the different cities around the United States, but everyone knows New York — especially Times Square,” says I’m Donut chef and owner Ryouta Hirako. “I thought the best way to get people from all over the world to taste I’m Donut would be to open a store there. There is no better location for the first storefront outside of Japan.”

But this is no regular doughnut shop. Chef Hirako specializes in Nama-style doughnuts, which translates to “fresh.”

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“In Japan, Nama doughnuts are made with a brioche-style dough that uses a proprietary blend of Japanese flours, kabocha squash, and organic shortening,” says a representative from I’m Donut. The result is a fluffy, ultra-light doughnut with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency.

<p>I'm Donut</p> A few of the regular flavors at Japan's I'm Donut location on display.

I'm Donut

A few of the regular flavors at Japan's I'm Donut location on display.

Every component — the icing, fillings, toppings, and the doughnut itself — is made on-site using local ingredients, and, like countless other Japanese pastries, the doughnuts are almost too beautiful to eat. Aside from some mainstays like custard, chocolate, pistachio, and red bean cream, the menu changes depending on the season and location. On one visit, you might see a red kiwi cream doughnut coated in powdered sugar and stuffed with a whole, fresh fruit; and on another, you might find a rich chocolate doughnut with a caramel glaze and toasted almonds.

An untapped market in New York, I’m Donut is unafraid to lean towards the savory side. They’ll serve maple-glazed doughnuts that are topped with a thin sheet of prosc, anchovy doughnuts filled with cheddar bechamel, or even doughnuts infused with black truffle. They’re also known for slicing their doughnut open and using it as the base for a BLT, burger, or breakfast sandwich.

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The I’m Donut team has yet to announce their menu for the Times Square location, but they have stated that they will be using and highlighting local flavors, from the squash and the vegetable shortening that gives Nama-style doughnuts their distinct texture to the ingredients that inspire their flavors.

I’m Donut New York City is scheduled to open this fall. For updates, you can follow on Instagram. Knowing how hyped New Yorkers get over new pastries, it’s probably best you start lining up now. This will be a doughnut worth waiting for.

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