Toddler won’t stop asking ‘why,’ but mom has the perfect answers: ‘I felt this in my bones’

This mom managed to keep her cool no matter how many questions her toddler asked her.

TikTok mom @first_mate_kate‘s little girl is going through her “why” phase. The period can happen anytime in a child’s development. Kids ask “why” all the time because they want more information about how the world works. According to Ovia Health, providing genuine answers is a much better response than not answering at all, which will likely only result in the question being asked repeatedly.

The mom did her best to answer her daughter’s questions while they waited in the car for dad. But answering one question only prompted the toddler to ask another.

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The child asked an endless slew of questions:

Toddler: Where’s daddy going?

Mom: He’s just getting some diapers.

Toddler: Why’s he getting her some diapers?

Mom: Because Rosie needs them.

Toddler: Why does she need them?

Mom: Because she wears diapers.

Toddler: Why does she wear diapers?

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Mom: Because she’s a baby.

Toddler: Why is she a baby?

Mom: Because she’s little.

Toddler: Why they little, mommy?

Mom: She’s only 5 months old.

Toddler: Why they 5 months old, mommy?

Mom: Because that’s when I had her.

Toddler: Why you had her?

Mom: Because we wanted another baby.

Toddler: Why you want another baby?

Mom: I don’t know, hahahaha. Just kidding.

The hilarious video racked up 1.3 million views on TikTok.

“Once I realized I don’t have to answer EVERY question, I found some peace,” someone wrote.

“I felt this in my bones,” another said.

“Now I am the one asking all the questions and my teens are the ones with the eye twitch,” a person commented.

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