Toddler has sweetest reaction after learning that her mom was adopted

This toddler’s reaction to finding out that her mom was adopted is the purest display of love, and TikTokers are in tears.

As brutal as a child’s honesty can be, the flip side of their candidness can be genuinely touching. Just ask TikToker and parent Emily Fauver (@emilyfauver), who recently posted a video of her daughter’s wholesome and reassuring response when she learned that Fauver was adopted.

The clip opens with home surveillance footage of Fauver with her daughter, Ella, hanging out in the kitchen. “Who’s your mom?” Ella asks to which Fauver responds, “It’s Mimi.”

“Why is Mimi your mom?” Ella asks, continuing with the questions. Fauver then explains that she was adopted.

When Ella asks her mom why she was adopted, Fauver shrugs and states, “Because my mom didn’t want me.”

Ella pauses to contemplate this statement and lets out a deflated “Aw,” before reassuring her mom by telling her, “I want you.”

After hearing this, Fauver is overcome with emotion and gets down on her knees to give her daughter a big hug. “I really want you! I’ll be your mommy,” Ella promises before declaring, “I’m your mommy now” at the end of the video.

Fauver’s video had viewers all over TikTok reaching for the tissues.

“Kids are so sweet. When my mom passed, my nephew told me, ‘It’s ok, we share my mom,’” one user mentioned.

“We’re witnessing a full-circle moment on the highest level,” noted one TikToker

“I remember when I told my son too. It’s so hard for them to understand why our moms didn’t want us,” one parent shared.

“Kids really do know how to heal some of the deepest emotions without actually knowing they are doing it,” observed one user.
Based on the video, Fauver and her daughter clearly have a very special bond.

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