Toddler is riding in style after dad gives her a mini Range Rover

This toddler is riding in style after her dad bought her a mini version of her mom’s new Range Rover.

Most people don’t get their first car until they’re adults, let alone a luxury SUV. However, Audrina Lancona received her first car at the ripe age of 11 months when her father, TikToker Tanner Lancona (@thelanconafamily), bought her a mini toy Range Rover to match with the one he bought for his financée, Caitlyn Nelson.

The clip, captioned “When daddy buys you and mommy matching Range Rovers,” opens with a shot of Audrina behind the wheel of her brand new white mini SUV, roaming around the neighborhood cul-de-sac.

Even though Audrina hasn’t even turned one yet, she can operate the vehicle better than many licensed drivers. She cruises around the cul-de-sac while Usher’s “Yeah!” plays over the footage.

Audrina looks over her shoulder at her dad, behind the camera, to get his attention. The mini motorist then raises her arm and sticks her index finger in the air as though she’s jamming to her car’s state-of-the-art sound system before the video comes to a close.

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Viewers enjoyed watching Audrina already living her best life at the tender age of 11 months.

“Haha, the little finger in the air is everything,” one user commented.

“She drives better than most adults,” joked one TikToker.

“The [toy] will outlast the real one,” another viewer said.

Others expressed that their standards for a partner were raised considerably after viewing Lancona’s video.

“I didn’t think there was more to add to the hubby list, but here’s my proof,” noted one user.

“I’m never going to lower my standards again,” one TikToker promised.

“If my husband isn’t like this, I don’t want it,” declared one viewer.

With a Range Rover as the 11-month-old’s first car, one can only imagine the type of car Audrina will get when she’s older.

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