Toddler gets stuck in the sand at the beach in ‘joyful’ TikTok

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This TikTok parent shared the hilarious moment her son got stuck in the sand at the beach!

Kayleigh (@kayleigh.gray.20) is a parent and TikToker who shares adorable and often humorous videos of her toddler son, Grayson. In a recent video, Kayleigh shared the funny moment Grayson got stuck in the sand on a trip to the beach. In the video, the adorable toddler has a great attitude about getting stuck, and laughs as his parents attempt to “rescue” him!

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The video begins with a shot of Grayson buried up to his chest in sand at the beach, with only his arms and head free. The toddler attempts to wriggle out of the sand, then looks around in confusion when he realizes he is trapped. “Grayson got stuck in the sand today,” Kayleigh writes in a caption. “We had to start a rescue mission.”

“Can you climb out?” Kayleigh asks Grayson.

The toddler attempts to push himself up, then flops back down dejectedly. “I can’t!” he proclaims.

“You’ll have to stay there forever,” Grayson’s dad jokes. “Shall we pack our things and say bye bye to Grayson? He belongs to the beach now.”

“No!” Grayson replies. “I need to get out.”

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“Oh, you need a rescue?” Grayson’s dad asks, as he begins to dig the toddler out of the sand using a plastic rake.

Grayson waits patiently for a moment, then tries to escape once more. Unfortunately, there is still too much sand on top of him, and he is still stuck!

“Oh, nearly!” Kayleigh says, watching Grayson struggle.

Then, the parents begin digging again. Grayson begins to laugh as he watches his parents attempt to “rescue” him, then attempts to escape once more, as his parents cheer him on.

But the toddler is still stuck! The parents renew their rescue effort, with Grayson using his hands to help dig. Finally, the toddler escapes the sand, giggling wildly as his parents cheer.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler.

“He’s trying with all his power. Adorable!” one viewer commented.

“This is so cute. Love how you’re allowing and encouraging the little guy to put in his best effort!” another TikToker wrote.

“This was so joyful. Thanks for sharing,” wrote another viewer.

Grayson certainly had a dramatic end to his beach excursion!

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