Toddler and dog’s Juneteenth transformation is everything: ‘The cutest kid and pup combo’

Juneteenth is on Sunday, and this toddler is the perfect inspiration for your celebration wardrobe.

Last year, the White House announced Juneteenth would be recognized as an official federal holiday every year on June 19. The holiday commemorates June 19, 1865, when enslaved Americans in Galveston, Texas, finally learned they were legally free years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

TikToker Jayla Ferrell commemorated the holiday last year by making sure her toddler son Messiah had the perfect Juneteenth ‘fit.

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Ferrell set up a classic TikTok transition video. Messiah was wearing a red T-shirt and camo shorts while holding the family’s small dog.

“Wait for the transformation,” the video text read.

The little guy instantly transformed into a Juneteenth legend, rocking a jacket with the Black power fist that read, “the best revenge is massive success.” To make the look sing, he and the dog threw on some Paw Patrol sunglasses. Messiah and his buddy were ready to celebrate with pride!

TikTokers praised the tyke’s special occasion ensemble.

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“The Paw Patrol sunnies?! Okay Messiah SHEESH,” a user said.

“That’s one powerful toddler,” someone wrote.

“Drip Lord,” another dubbed him.

“The cutest kid and pup combo,” a person commented.

“The fact that he stood there like that and played the part though, I’m done,” a TikToker added.

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