Toddler is determined to walk in heels in adorable TikTok: ‘Those things have no grip’

This hilariously adorable toddler was determined to walk in heels and refused to give up even after repeatedly falling!

Alyssa Rivera (@alyssarivera1120) is a TikToker and parent who shares adorable and sometimes hilarious videos of her toddler, Olivia Grace. Alyssa recently shared a video of Olivia Grace that racked up 35.5 million views and counting, and had TikTokers cracking up. In the video, Olivia Grace attempts to walk in a pair of child-sized princess heels her mom bought her at the dollar store. Despite repeatedly falling, the determined toddler refuses to give up!

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The video begins with a shot of Olivia Grace wearing a colorful tie-dyed shirt, blue shorts, and sparkly pink high heels. The toddler takes a few hesitant steps forward in the heels, shuffling her feet carefully and barely raising them from the ground.

Then, gaining a little confidence, she takes a big step forward. The heel of the shoe immediately buckles underneath her foot and she slides forward. “My poor baby was determined to wear these Dollar General princess heels!” Alyssa explains in a caption.

In the next shot, Olivia Grace is shown on another day, wearing a gray t-shirt, black shorts, and, of course, her sparkly pink heels. Again, the toddler attempts to walk in the heels, but only manages a few steps before tumbling.

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The toddler picks herself up and tries again. This time, she takes a few steps, then slides and falls to her knees, grabbing a piece of furniture to try to steady herself on the way down.

Finally, Olivia seems to have almost mastered the shoes. She walks across the kitchen without falling, then totters out to the family car. While the toddler stumbles a few times, she never falls! The video ends as the determined toddler reaches the car.

Alyssa’s video of the adorably determined toddler had viewers cracking up!

“She’s practicing for when she’s older and has to leave the club. She will fit in with the rest of us!” one viewer commented.

“Those things have no grip. If she can walk in those, she can walk in anything!” another viewer wrote.

Beauty is pain,” joked another TikToker.

Olivia Grace may not have fully mastered walking in heels, but the toddler certainly learned a valuable lesson about perseverance!

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