Toddler who absolutely hates being woken up is all of us: ‘I’m still sleepy!’

This TikTok parent recorded her toddler son’s reaction to being woken up every morning, and it’s hilariously relatable!

Ashlyn Ross (@ashlyn_ross) is a mom and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable toddlers, Briggs and Cove. While many toddlers are full of energy from dawn until dusk, Briggs is definitely not a morning person, as one of Ashlyn’s recent videos shows. In the hilarious video, Ashlyn records Briggs’ adorably relatable reaction to being woken up every morning!

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The video begins with a shot of Briggs lying in bed. The toddler wears a blue shirt dotted with pink flamingos and lies on his stomach with his hands and knees folded beneath him. A caption reads, “Some things never change.”

Ashlyn slowly approaches Briggs, then places her hand on his back and lightly taps his shoulder. “Briggs, wake up,” she tells the sleeping child as she shakes him gently.

Briggs responds first with a wordless cry of anguish, then yells, “Uh, no!” The toddler clings to the bed as Ashlyn gently moves him.

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In the next shot, Briggs is once again lying in bed. This time, he lies on his side with his eyes already open, clutching a blanket. “Say good morning,” Ashlyn tells the sleepy toddler.

“Uh, no!” the toddler once again responds.

Next, Briggs, now in gray pajamas, is slowly waking up. The toddler lies on his stomach and holds his face in his hands. “Come on, we gotta go bye bye,” Ashlyn tells him.

“I know!” Briggs yells at his mom, but doesn’t leave the bed.

Another morning, Briggs once again lies in bed, a blanket slung over him. “Good morning,” Ashlyn says.”

To which Briggs responds, “No, night!”

The video ends with one last shot of Ashlyn trying to wake Briggs up. When his mom tells him it’s time to get up, the relatable toddler yells, “I’m still sleepy!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorably sleepy toddler.

“Somebody is not a morning person,” one viewer joked.

“I’m 25 and I still do this,” another TikToker wrote.

“I have never related to another human so much!” commented another TikToker.

Ashlyn’s video proves that some of us just weren’t made to be morning people.

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