Todd Richards To Go Back To Mt. Hood After 15-Year Hiatus

We all know Todd Richards, or we have at least heard of him. He is a bit of a ledge. If you do not know him, let me put you on. Todd Richards is a snowboarder from Massachusetts, and he encapsulates the term "masshole" in the true form of the word.

Richards was one of the pioneers of skate style in snowboarding, a departure from the sport's traditional alpine racing influence. Growing up skateboarding on the East Coast, he seamlessly transitioned his skills from four wheels to mastering the halfpipe made of snow.

Throughout his career, Richards achieved numerous milestones, including multiple US Open halfpipe titles, X Games gold medals, and World Championship victories. He represented the US at the 1998 Nagano Olympics. In 2003, Richards penned his autobiography, "P3: Parks, Pipes, and Powder." He provided color commentary for NBC's Olympic Games coverage in Torino, Vancouver, Sochi, Pyeongchang, and Beijing, and created the web series "Todcasts" for Quiksilver. Currently, he hosts the podcast "Monday Mass." The documentary "Me, Myself, and I," released in 2009, chronicles Richards' life, and in the 2001 film "Out Cold," he shows up as an actor.

Accolades aside, Todd is funny, witty, smart, nice, and one of the best shit talkers I have ever met. He hasn't been to Mount Hood in 15 years, and he is heading back this summer with the Midlife Crisis crew - Blaise Rosenthal, Chad Otterstrom, Shannon Dunn, and Kevin Jones. Should be pretty unbelievable!

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