Which Of Today's Trendy Tattoos Will Be Considered Cringey In 10 Years?

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As you may know, we've heard from tattoo artists a lot — like, A LOT — about which tattoos are currently overdone.

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But which of today's popular tattoos do ✨YOU✨ think will be cringe in a few years?

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Maybe you firmly believe that tiny Roman numeral tattoos of birthdays will be a thing of the past pretty soon.

Someone shows off a tattoo on their wrist of Roman numerals indicating a date
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Or perhaps you think stick and pokes of butterflies will be considered "sooooo 2021..."

A person wearing high heels with a butterfly tattoo on their ankle
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Or maybe you're already over all the tiny crescent moons you've been seeing on Instagram and Pinterest.

A woman pulls back her hair to reveal a tattoo of a crescent moon and star behind her ear
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So, which popular tattoos do you think will be seen as overdone in just a matter of time? Let us know in the comments or DropBox below! Your answer just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!