'Today's' Dylan Dreyer Shares Relatable Parenting Snub With Sons

Her youngest son is instilling a little bit of mischief into mealtimes.

Move over Dylan Dreyer; it's not cool to be fed by your mom anymore!

The mother of three learned that lesson the hard way. Despite having had plenty of time to get used to the particular rules children set about their everyday lives, it still wasn't enough to prepare her for a battle with her youngest—one-year-old Rusty.

During a recent mealtime, Dreyer filmed herself standing in her kitchen selfie-style, before turning the camera to face the babe as she tried to feed him a bite of his peas and carrots, which he hastily rejected with a wave of his hand and a pained whine.

But the moment her eldest son, Calvin, 6, spooned up the veggies and held them out for his brother, the youngest boy was quick to open his mouth wide for several bites.

When Dreyer tried her hand at feeding him again, Rusty took the spoon away from her, feeding himself, rather than allowing her to do so—though he did permit a single spoonful from his mother before he was done.

The meteorologist and Today Show co-anchor took to Instagram to share the struggle with her followers, many of whom are parents themselves and can completely relate to the nonsensical mealtime requirements.

"Here I thought Rusty was a picky eater. Turns out he just didn’t like who was feeding him!" she wrote in the caption before joking, "Sorry, Cal, get used to it…it’s YOUR job now!! Welcome to my world!"

Her followers loved the support that Cal offered Rusty.

"You are teaching them well. The boys can lean on each other. They will always be close," one wrote.

"I love how Rusty is giving Calvin the spoon as if he's saying 'feed me!' 💙," said another.

"Love it! Calvin looks exhausted from the new gig," a third joked.

Though he doesn't make a visual appearance, Dreyer's middle son, Oliver, 3, could also be heard in the background of the video, offering his support through his precious babbles.

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