TODAY’s ‘Sweets 16' Bracket: Which sweet treat won it all?

March Madness is in full swing, and many of us are feeling that thrill of victory — or the very real agony of defeat. Instead of nursing our busted brackets, TODAY found a better and sweeter way to stay in the game. In honor of the NCAA Sweet 16 tournament, we've been working on our "Sweets 16" bracket all week — and calling on you to weigh in on which sugary treat deserves a place in the winner's circle.

Our final bracket saw an usual three-way showdown between cake, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. Which one of these three sugary treats won it all?

Chocolate chip cookies were a slam dunk!

chocolate chip cookies (Shutterstock)
chocolate chip cookies (Shutterstock)

Thanks for playing! Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try one of these spring recipes.

No-Churn Grasshopper Ice Cream by Kayla Hoang

Siri's Lemon Bars by Siri Daly

Snickerdoodle Blondies by Sheela Prakash

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