Today kicks off National Nurses Appreciation Week

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– It’s National Nurses Appreciation Week and that means the spotlight is on more than 5 million nurses in the United States, who have dedicated their lives to making sure patients are taken care of – both physically and emotionally.

“It’s a very selfless job, some days are really hard; some days are really long so really just feeling a lot of love from people for Nurses Appreciation Week is great,” Angela Teremi, Elara Caring Home Care Company, St. Johns said.

Teremi said there are a lot of emotions when patients come home from the hospital. Sentiments shared by Surgical Specialties Nurse at University of Michigan Health Sparrow, Zachary Delgado.

Delgado said a lot of his time is spent having normal conversations with patients- to help them forget they’re even at a hospital. 

“To not just think about this as a job that we come to just to say hey I’m clocking in, I got to do work and then I want to go home, it’s that I’m looking to make a difference in someone’s life today,” Delgado said.

Teremi said her care is very impacting on the person who might not have a family or might not be able to get out of the home.

“They might not have anybody, we might be their only person; that is very heartwarming and very touching to my heart to be able to help them,” Teremi said.

Delgado said not everyone can do this job- – that he said is more than just passing meds, but about listening and building a relationship with the patient.

Teremi agrees that a patient’s needs are a top priority and it’s a quality nurses need to have.

The University of Michigan Health Sparrow will be holding a tea ceremony on Thursday of this week to recognize nurses who have made a difference in the community- and will also name and recognize nurses of the year later this month.

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