To the Batcave, Tourists! A "Batman" Motel Room in Taiwan Actually Exists

There are a lot of unusual places you can stay in this world. But of all of the unexpected beds you may encounter in your travels, this one may take the cake: the “Batman” hotel room in the Eden Motel in Taiwan. And yes, it’s exactly how it sounds: a hotel room decked out in Batman paraphernalia that feels like Batman’s Batcave.

Disclaimer: You have to book this hotel room by the hour—not by the night—so we will leave it to you to come to your own conclusion about that telling fact. But! That said, it also has many, how shall we say, noteworthy features. Let’s start with the Batman double bed:


Anyone else want to jump on this bed asap? (Photo: Eden Motel)

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Moving right along, the decked-out room also has a big, flat screen “Bat TV” in case you want to get super meta and watch the movie itself while you’re in there.


Now that is one Instagrammable television. (Photo: Eden Motel)

There are also tons of little bat knick knacks, like a Bat safe (totally normal), a Bat poster, and a Bat mirror, in case you want to, you know, take a #batmirrorselfie.


Time for some Bat snacks! (Photo: Eden Motel/Facebook)

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No Batman room is complete without a Batmobile! Luckily, as evidenced below, the owners of the Eden Motel understand—and honor—this crucial fact.


Who wants to take this baby for a spin? (Photo: Eden Motel/Facebook)

And last, but definitely not least, the Eden Motel hooked up its Batman-themed room with none other than a Bat-tub. (And no, we did not leave out the “h” by accident.)


Nothing like a good Bat soak to get yourself rejuvenated. (Photo: Eden Motel)

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If Batman is really not your thing, the Eden Motel also offers other crazy-themed rooms, like a New York, New York jazz-themed suite, and an Alcatraz room, which comes complete with…wait for it…handcuffs. Honestly, does that really surprise you?

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