Titans beat Ravens in overtime

Behind 2 TD passes from QB Ryan Tannehill and 133 rushing yards and a game winning rushing TD from Derrick Henry, the Titans defeated the Ravens 30-24 in overtime.

Video Transcript

- That same wild cat so--

- This is second and goal. Tannehill looking up top, he's got Smith open. And it's a touchdown. [INAUDIBLE] Smith I just mentioned.

- [INAUDIBLE] hut. Goes to Brown. Brown trying to wriggle free. Still fighting for it. Brown takes it all the way. Unbelievable effort.

A kick in over time in his career.

- Henry getting free. Henry's going to end the game. Titans take it in over time. We talk about his second half surge. It just starts to wear you down. And you saw the effort Henry gave. Cut back, finish, get through the arm tackle. And Tennessee survives on the road.