Tips For Keeping Nails (And Hands) Healthy In Winter

Tips For Keeping Nails (And Hands) Healthy In Winter
Tips For Keeping Nails (And Hands) Healthy In Winter

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Right about now most of us are dry from head to toe and while it’s a nuisance, there’s actually a lot that can be done in regards to our hands and nails.

“The fibers in clothing are very absorbent and can tend to dry out your hands and nails. Apply lotion such as Dazzle Dry Restore Shea Butter Cream before folding laundry to prevent your hands and cuticles from drying,” suggests Silva Nahabedian, the director of education at Dazzle Dry.

Nahabedian also suggests using an exfoliating and moisturizing cream such as Renew to slough off dead skin cells, while moisturizing the hands and cuticles and preventing hangnails.

And don’t forget – cuticle oil is your best friend in the dry winter months! “Maintain is designed to moisturize the cuticle and the nail plate. Natural nails love moisture. A well-moisturized nail plate is supple and flexible, which can prevent breakage,” says Nahabedian.

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Now that your hands and nails are in tip-top form, it’s time to focus on trends.

For this winter season Rachel Apfel Glass, the founder and CEO of Glosslab, says that warm reds are in. “You can never go wrong with any shade of red in the winter – it is festive and classic.” She also likes brown tones this season. “I love the earthy brown look, especially in the winter as it adds a bit of warmth. The Dazzle Dry Zest  shade is one of my favorites – it is subtle and really looks amazing on all skin tones.”

Silver is also fun and a really great way to get into good spirits as the temperatures drop. Apfel suggests going for dark and light shimmery silvers. For a more muted look, consider grays such as charcoal or slate, which Apfel says are timeless colors for any season. “A little darker and moodier than a neutral color, our OG Slate is essential for the winter season!” Lastly, she says, French manicures are a go-to year round and in the winter. “They’re a great way to get out of those cold-weather blues by adding a fun pop of color or dark shade to mix up the classic french!”

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