Tiny Special Needs Dog's Prance Down the Hallway Is a True Timeline Cleanse

It's impossible not to smile after watching this!

Not every day can be full of sunshine and rainbows, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the day you're given. Just look at Morty--this precious special needs Chihuahua has faced a number of challenges in life, but he still woke up from his nap feeling fine AF. His jazzy little dance down the hallway says it all!

As much as we're grooving to this pup's rhythm, we're also inspired by his positivity and fun-loving nature. @Mortythemisfit makes all of his followers smile, and we hope he'll make you smile, too.

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What a lil' prancer! We could watch this clip on repeat for hours before it starts to get old. In fact--we just might! And we have a feeling we're not alone in this. Viewer @cr8z_catlady said, "never gets old watching him strut." You're so right!

"Morty has all the moves. He is sooooo smooth," wrote commenter @alysselewis3. He'd win any dance battle with just that one move! His rhythm is impressive, and his tiny paws are too cute to top. What's not to love?

We totally get why @debrahacker911 said, "wellll helloooo beautiful man!!!!" Aww! We have a feeling that Morty gets reactions like this wherever he goes. He must be one popular little guy with so many viral videos like this. Plus--just look at his cute lil' self and the way he walks!

"The trot is too cute," agreed @augustangel39. "Love the sound of his lil' feet on the floor." So do we! The tippy taps are positively irresistible, just like everything else about Morty. No wonder he's causing such a stir online!

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