Tiny Pup with Missing Leg Learns How To Walk by Watching Big Brother

Caring for a puppy with an amputation requires a lot of veterinary care, wound care, pain management and then making sure your puppy can live the absolutely fullest life possible, even when missing a limb. In a video posted August 29 from Northern Ontario, we are introduced to a little pup named Tiny Tim who is learning to walk by watching his big brother dog Nemo, who also has the use of only three limbs.

This is just too precious!

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TikTok user @Northernreachnetwork explains in a previous video that Tiny Tim had to have his leg amputated after he was attacked by a bigger dog. Watching this little guy learn how to navigate the world by watching Nemo is just too beautiful.

TikTok users agree and @Roxanne comments, "So cute and supportive and loving!" @Trudy adds, "Animals are just awesome!"

After an amputation it's important that you continue training your puppy just as you would any four-legged dog, including socializing them. Having Tiny Tim spend time with Nemo is just fantastic for the little pup.

Depending on the age and size of the puppy (And as you can see in the above video, Tiny Tim is just that! TINY!), you might consider using mobility aids such as a sling or harness to support them as your little guy adjusts to moving on three legs. It appears that Tiny has his little limb supported by a sling or cast under his little t-shirt.

Most dogs adjust just fine after an amputation, especially when it happens to a puppy who is still learning so many new things, and as soon as they find their new center of balance they can run and play just like four-legged dogs.

Looks like precious Tiny is well on how way to doing just that!

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