This Tiny Electric Pump and Vacuum Bag Set Works to Spring Clean Now and Travel Later

Morgan Ashley Parker

Almost one year ago to the day, I took my last international vacation. Normally, I go to Rio de Janeiro every spring as I love the city's energy, and the shopping's pretty incredible, too. I especially adore the brand Farm Rio, which has different styles there than in the US, so I'm always sure to stock up on the season's colorful pieces before I return stateside. If I had known that would be my last trip to Brazil until 2022, I would have bought even more clothing than I did . . . but there's one thing I bought before I left that I will now never travel without again.

I'd already purchased Space Saver vacuum bags for my small Manhattan apartment and when carrying bed linens to leave with family down in the Caribbean. In both those instances, I used a proper Dyson vacuum to suck away all the air and didn't need to worry about sealing bags for a return flight. But when searching for a more portable alternative before my last trip, I spotted a little USB-fueled electric pump on Amazon that came with eight bags to fit perfectly in a carry-on. Could I possibly pack all my new purchases in my suitcase without flying down there with a nearly empty one in preparation? I ordered the set and packed it, and off I went.

See how well that turned out ahead.


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