Tiny Chicken Without Toes Gets Custom Shoes To Help Her Walk


This tiny chicken lost her toes to frostbite and can’t stand correctly. Whenever she tries to stand up or walk, she struggles and nearly falls over.

That was until her owners decided to craft her a tiny pair of walking shoes. Now, she romps around all over the place with no issue!

It’s amazing how much of a confidence boost it was for the tiny chicken to finally be able to walk again. First, they started crafting a boot with a fork as the foot, but eventually settled on a different design. And we’re so glad they did, because there’s no catching this chicken now!

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This little hen has not only a few pairs of boots but a pair of black and white sneakers as well! She’s totally stylish in her little shoes and we can’t get enough.

The hen is such a symbol of resilience and strength. She has practiced walking in her shoes so much that she can even run and fly in them. How amazing!

This chicken will forever be remembered as a fashion icon for her amazing little shoes. Bet you’ve never seen a hen in boots before!

We’re so glad that this chicken can walk around and do chicken things now. She’s really a true sign of making the best of each situation. The poor animal couldn’t even stand up right before she was sized with her own pair of shoes. Now, she can’t be stopped.

We hope that this chicken always remains in the care of the great person who designed her shoes for her. Then, every day, she can see the miracle work in action that she did for the bird. The custom shoes enable the hen to lead a normal everyday life.

The idea to make a pair of shoes for this hen was such a good one, because now she can live out her life able to walk freely and travel as she pleases. She’ll always need some human intervention in her life so that she can have her shoes put on and off of her every day. Seeing her happy makes it all worthwhile.

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