Timothée Chalamet Says It’s “Tough to Be Alive” as a Young Person with Social Media

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Photo credit: Mondadori Portfolio - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mondadori Portfolio - Getty Images

A number of young celebrities including Tom Holland and Millie Bobby Brown have made the decision to step back from social media, and have spoken out about the harmful pitfalls of apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Now, Timothée Chalamet has joined the conversation.

“To be young now, and to be young whenever — I can only speak for my generation — is to be intensely judged,” the actor said during a September 2 press conference at the 2022 Venice Film Festival, per E! News. “I can’t imagine what it is to grow up without the onslaught of social media, and it was a relief to play characters who are wrestling with an internal dilemma absent the ability to go on Reddit, or Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok and figure out where they fit in.”

Timothée’s latest film, Bones and All, premiered at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the drama follows two cannibalistic teenagers, Maren (Taylor Russell) and Lee (Timothée), as they fall in love during a 3,000-mile road trip across America. Based on the novel of the same name by Camille DeAngelis, Bones and All takes place in the 1980s, decades before social media existed.

“Without casting judgment on that, you can find your tribe there, but I think it’s tough to be alive now,” he continued. “I think societal collapse is in the air — or it smells like it — and, without being pretentious, that’s why hopefully movies matter, because that’s the role of the artist… to shine a light on what’s going on.”

Bones and All debuts in theaters nationwide on November 23, 2022. In the meantime, we’ll be thinking about Timothée’s backless red halter top from the premiere’s red carpet, pretty much, nonstop.

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