These Timeless Haircuts Look Flattering At Any Age

The thing about hair is that it grows back. That's how we justify any bad hair decision we make in a delicate state, right? Sometimes baby bangs or red highlights sound monumentally life-changing, and sometimes we just want to find a more subdued signature 'do that stands the test of time and takes the stress out of salon visits. (Usually after the baby bangs.) While both lanes are equally fine and dandy, you can easily find a hairstyle that flatters at every age and keeps you feeling stylish no matter the trend forecast. No baby bangs needed.

We've rounded up 25 of the most timeless haircuts for Southern women of all ages. Every woman deserves to find the most flattering haircut for her—or at least find the prettiest salon inspiration to save for later. Get ready to age like a fine wine with these ageless hairstyles for mature women.