Timelapse of Molting Cicada Cut Short by Hungry Raccoon

A hungry raccoon snatched an unsuspecting cicada while it was molting in a Virginia backyard on May 19.

Alexendria resident Stephen Ellington decided to take a timelapse of a cicada molting in his backyard, but his project was given a surprise ending when the bug was grabbed by the peckish raccoon.

“I have been fascinated by the Brood X cicadas that are emerging in my backyard,” Ellington told Storyful.

“When I came to get the camera after about 1.5 hours I saw that the cicadas were gone. When I looked at the footage I realized that they had been snatched by a hungry racoon,” he said.

The Brood X cicadas emerge from the ground every 17 years, and are currently swarming the northeast. Credit: Stephen Ellington via Storyful

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