TikToker's travel 'hack' gets him banned from Spirit Airlines

TikTokers are flooding the platform with various shortcuts and tips that they claim make everyone’s lives easier. That was the idea behind Rob K’s upload from September, which did not go according to plan. Rob filmed himself sitting at a terminal for a Spirit Airlines flight and wrote in the video that this was his “carry on hack”. The company only allows passengers one “personal item” for free, adding are extra charges for carry-on bags and checked luggage. In the TikTok, Rob has his boarding pass pulled up on his phone and is visibly changing the number next to “carry-on bag” from “0” to “1”. Even though Rob captioned the TikTok with “Didn’t actually do this,” Spirit Airlines still found out about the video. They sent him a letter formally banning him from flying on its planes for the next two years. TikTok users thought it was hilarious. “The crew will tell you that you gotta fly the plane as compensation,” one person joked