TikTokers Are Styling This $20 Waist Cincher From Target As A Corset

Bella Gerard
·1 min read

If you’re active on TikTok, chances are almost every fashion girl on your FYP is rocking some type of corset. Some have splurged on actual vintage pieces, others ordered the cheapest iterations on Amazon—but pretty much all agree that the Maidenform Self Expressions Firm Control Waist Cincher gets the job done. And TBH, after trying it, it’s one of my new faves, too.

I’m a big shapewear gal, and as someone with a natural figure that leans towards hourglass but is nowhere near the over-hyped Instagram model silhouette praised online, anything that gives me that extra cinch is a big win in my book. If Victorian corsets were comfortable, I’d wear one under my basic betch OOTDs every damn day! That said, I don’t think one body type should be celebrated over...

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