TikTokers are sharing their hilariously cringey ‘tweenage’ Pinterest wedding boards: ‘God why’

Most of us have a few forgotten Pinterest boards from our past that we probably should have deleted by now. Recipes from that time we tried Keto, outfit ideas for that girls’ trip in 2010 and, yes, even bridal inspo for our someday wedding, created at a time when we weren’t even seeing anyone.

That last one seems to be a biggie for a lot of brides on TikTok, who are currently unearthing the wedding-themed Pinterest boards they made as teens and tweens.

Much like the trend in which brides revealed their hilariously bad wedding cake fails, the results have been both hilarious and embarrassing.

“I’m getting married this year and I heard we’re all sharing our tweenage Pinterest boards,” @kitty_shh12 wrote in one recent TikTok.

Then, while sharing a series of images from her personal board, she silently reacts to each one with a look of horror, writing “god why” over the clip — and TikTokers shared her horror.

“I audibly gasped,” quipped one person.

“the bridesmaids are giving taylor swift debut era,” another person said.

“Why is no one talking about the shot gun shell centerpiece,” someone else asked.

She’s far from the only bride-to-be who’s sharing her cringey pins, though. Lots of other TikTokers have, too, and in the process, they’ve brought back some forgotten wedding trends that definitely shouldn’t be repeated.

We’re talking neon-colored Converse sneakers, monogrammed sweatshirts for the bride and groom and punny wedding favors, like a jar of mints next to a sign that reads, “Mint to Be.”

“What in the 2012 DIY hell is this,” one TikToker said of her own video.

To be fair, most of the trends featured on these boards were things many of us were probably into around the early 2010s. The good news is we've moved on — and can at least share a laugh over them now.

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