TikTokers share the hilarious ways they’re saving money and scoring the ‘deal of a lifetime’

TikTokers are finding creative ways to save themselves money and sharing their strategies under this viral sound.

User @austieboy1 posted the audio, which currently has over 13,000 videos credited to it. However, the sound originated from Miguel Solorio (@theshowlorios). Solorio owns the Shoe Doc, a company dedicated to making shoe care products. Solorio consistently posts videos of him cleaning worn, used and dirty shoes with his product FZ150.

He has several catchphrases, but his most famous one is the line that is trending, when Solorio says, “Wow! I just saved myself 150 bucks.”

People on TikTok have found other ways to save $150 — sometimes more — and are posting their wins online.

“When your older sister with a shopping addiction cleans out her closet,” wrote @playgirlprici in her post.

Other TikTokers have also saved a lot of money because of family, but they’ve done it with food instead of clothes.

“When you take groceries from your parents instead of going shopping…” said @_notbennyy in the video.

He also called it the “deal of a lifetime” in the caption, and several people in the comments could relate.

“Yeah, parents be buy a bunch of groceries like their kids still live there so might as well go get your food,” said @jurado0814.

Some users have even applied this tactic to their relationships.

“Pov: yall stop talking before her birthday,” wrote @txsnano in his post.

From restoring shoes to taking groceries from your parent’s house, TikTokers have provided innovative and resourceful ways to keep money in your pocket.

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