TikTokers are obsessed with this luxury shopping hack

Teenagers on TikTok claim to have discovered a shopping hack that lets them pretend to look richer than they actually are. TikTokers are flocking to Chanel’s online shopping site to buy the cheapest thing listed — a $20 pack of 100 cotton rounds. For reference, a pack of 100 basic, non-designer cotton rounds, like at any regular drug store, costs around $1.99. In addition to the luxe packaging, the $20 order comes with two free sample products. But the most important thing is the box it comes in. The packaging is a sleek white box with Chanel printed across the front — nothing you’d expect to see when ordering cotton rounds from any other site. Just having a Chanel box sitting in your closet or on display in your bathroom adds an air of expensive luxury that most cannot afford. it seems like it’s the experience of opening up luxury packaging that seems the most exciting and worth the $20 (not including shipping and tax)