TikTokers invent ‘so cute’ interior design style called ‘broho’

Two men (@tikwiddittoo) on TikTok are going viral after coining a new phrase for men’s interior design.

The phrase is “broho,” which is a play on “boho” or bohemian design. They initially used the phrase during a video of them putting a ladder in the apartment.

“Pov: bros discover interior design,” they wrote in the video. “It’s broho, and it’s cute.”

The video received over 1.5 million views and was just one in a series of posts centered on them furnishing their apartment.

“I love that we’re just slowly watching you guys furnish your home, so cute,” said @justheretobrowsethetok under the video shown above.

The entire series is very simple. Normally, the men come on screen with a new item they’ve purchased, write that the bros or homies have discovered a piece and then say, “It’s cute.”

There are videos of them finding towels for the bathroom, new plants to put in the living room and lamps to place atop dressers.

“Literally can’t with y’all the broho had me dead,” said @mrsmidd1212.

Fans of the series enjoy it so much that they want them to expand to include cute items outside of home decor.

“You guys MUST to go to bath and body works!! make the place smell all cute n s***,” replied @marlyshea.

They’ve only posted one video with candles or other scents, but the “broho” design choices continue to expand.

There isn’t much to the series, but TikTok is loving broho, one video at a time.

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