TikTokers give high-energy performances with sound from ‘Rio’: ‘This is a universal experience’

TikTokers are channeling the energy of will.i.am and animated birds while putting on a show with audio from the 2011 movie Rio.

Rio is a movie about birds in Rio de Janeiro fighting off animal smugglers and returning to freedom. The birds, especially Pedro (will.i.am), often sing and dance. One of Pedro’s songs is being brought to TikTok, as users play the sound in the background of their performances.

“My hyper ass at 12 am giving my boyfriend a 10/10 performance,” said @kiriiriot.

She wasn’t the only one participating in these late-night shenanigans.

“So this is a universal experience,” said @bo_gjerness.

“Same but then I’m out by 12:05,” replied @momentisours.

TikTokers aren’t just giving performances before they’re about to go to bed. As @cybermatchaprincess — the original poster of this video — shows in her version, it’s always a good time to break out the dance moves.

“Me after drinking several 99 proof shots and i must perform the song that’s been stuck in my head all day,” @cybermatchaprincess wrote.

Over 10,000 videos use this sound, and not all involve performing. Some TikTokers are purposefully annoying, repeating Pedro’s song repeatedly to the people in their lives.

“Me annoying my mom for the 100000th time at work because she is so easy to piss off,” said @depresso_espresso96.

When it came to bothering parents, other TikTokers could relate.

“That’s why she stopped working from home,” joked @evvviiee.

It’s been over a decade since we first heard Pedro’s song, but TikTokers are still living off its energy and showing it off whenever they can.

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