TikTokers are hating on this influencer for her accessorized Stanley cup: ‘Let people enjoy things’

People on TikTok appear to be ragging on an influencer for doing exactly what influencers do best: showing off their favorite swag.

The video catching all the heat was shared by Jaycie Kathleen (@jayciekathleen3), who’s amassed nearly 243,000 followers on TikTok. Her bio describes her as a native of Dallas, Texas, who now lives a “colorful life” in the Midwest. And just a quick scroll through her TikToks will show you what she means by that.

Jaycie loves wearing pink, decorating her home in all things pink and buying pink things she sees when she’s out (even right down to her snacks). In most of her videos, she typically shows off her shopping hauls or her latest outfits — and always has an upbeat vibe when she’s on camera.

But the video that’s drawing backlash is one where Jaycie shows off a hot pink Stanley tumbler that she loves — and the tiny matching “backpack” that she bought for it.

While showing off the backpack, Jaycie pulls out various items she might need at the gym, like lip gloss and other small personal items.

“It’s so cute,” she says at one point, adding that she’s been tying the little backpack to her Stanley cup with a little ribbon but is about to try something a few of her followers suggested: a charm hook.

The charm hook has a small adhesive strip on the back, which she sticks on the side of the cup. She can now easily hang her little backpack on it.

Based on the video, Jaycie clearly thought this was a cute little accessory that others might like, too, but many of the comments tell a different story.

For starters, a lot of people found the whole thing to be a bit unnecessary.

“A backpack? For a cup?” one person asked.

“Y’all are insane,” added someone else, “it’s a WATER BOTTLE.”

“Why would you reapply lip gloss at the gym,” another person questioned.

Others seemed to care less about the mini backpack and more about the pricey Stanley tumbler, a highly featured item in many recent influencer posts.

“These Stanley cups are out of hand,” one TikToker commented.

“I have a Stanley, but I will NEVER bring her in the gym,” someone else wrote. “I’m a silent Stanley lover. I don’t wanna be judged.”

There were plenty of people in Jaycie’s corner on this one, though.

“Why is everyone so miserable all the time,” one person asked. “This is cute. Have fun girl!”

“Why are there any negative comments omg this is so cute I don’t even have a Stanley cup I want it😂” another user wrote.

“Let people enjoy things!!! Oh my god these comments 😵‍💫 this is so cute!” another user commented.

“This is so freaking cute. Finding little things to make you happy in this depressing world is a necessity! Go girl!!! 💕💕” one user wrote.

“This is both genius and cute,” another complimented.

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