TikTokers are furious at a balloon artist for her high prices

The entirety of TikTok has seemingly banded together against a balloon artist who many believe is overcharging her customers. The artist, Kelsey Onstott, uses TikTok to promote her work. In one video, Onstott builds a $300 5-foot balloon mosaic in the shape of the letter H and complains that people have been leaving nasty comments. “Someone commented and said, ‘That takes less than 30 minutes to make and you can get balloons from Party City for $5’ … That’s just simply not true”. She then challenges anyone who is watching the video to “replicate” what she is making with Party City balloons in less than 30 minutes. People were naturally angry about Onstott’s video. “I’m all about supporting small businesses but you need to be realistic,” one person said. “The prices isn’t what concern me,” another noted. “It’s her attitude toward potential customers. VERY unprofessional”. Some creative users even decided to rise to the challenge and successfully make letter installs for much less than $300