TikToker shows where service dogs go at Walt Disney World when they can’t attend the rides

Service dogs also get excellent hospitality at Disney theme parks.

A video from the TikTok page @helperdognala went viral with over 3.1 million views. The account features the adventures of Nala, a golden retriever and service dog. The viral clip showed what happened when Nala could not go on a ride with her owner at Walt Disney World.

“This is where service dogs go when they can’t go on a ride at Walt Disney World,” the video text explained.

When a ride has a height requirement, it means a service dog may not be able to participate. So the service dog is escorted backstage by a cast member — i.e., a Disney theme park employee — and placed in a kennel.

The cast member then waits with the dogs for the duration of the ride. Afterward, the service dog is reunited with its owner.

“Due to the nature of some attractions, service animals may not be permitted to ride,” Disney World states. “At these locations, please ask a Cast Member about available options.”

Disney’s policy excludes service animals from water activities, including water rides, features and fountains. There are also areas that service animals are restricted from, like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, The Barnstormer, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.

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