Student shares what she ‘wish [she] knew’ before college: ‘Listen to the first one’

As high school graduates prepare for the next chapter of their lives, they might feel lost navigating the college entrance process. University students understand the feeling all too well — and they’re taking to social media to share college tips and provide a helping hand to incoming freshmen.

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TikToker D’Lani Sweeney ( posted this video in which she reads a document titled “Things I wish I knew before entering college.” Sweeney is a student at Northeastern University in Boston.

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Unlike in high school, students in college have the freedom to pick their schedules. But Sweeney urges late sleepers to avoid taking classes before 9 a.m.

“If there’s anything that you take away from this video, it’s this one. Do not sign up for 8 a.m.s,” she said, referring to early morning classes. “Like, I thought I was a morning person, and with 8 a.m.s. I quickly learned that I am in fact not.

Sweeney’s first recommendation resonated with fellow college students in the comments.

“Listen to the first one. I couldn’t even attend my 9:30 classes, bro,” one TikToker wrote.

“For real, ‘cuz that 8 a.m. in high school is VERY different than the 8 a.m. in college,” another said.

Sweeney also suggested that students try to schedule their classes so that they will have a free day during the week.

“I didn’t have Friday classes last semester, and that was honestly, like, the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she said.

Sweeney’s second piece of advice for incoming freshmen is to limit the amount of clothing that they bring to their dorm.

“You do not need to bring your entire closet,” she said. “With college, you’re only going to be wearing a certain amount of outfits. And you’re probably going to be wearing some outfits on rotation.”

“But I’m a fashion girly, I gotta bring all my clothes,” one incoming student responded with a crying emoji.

“Some people literally have shoe boxes,” Sweeney replied, referring to the tiny size of the traditional college dorm room.

“No because I had sooo many clothes ‘cuz I had extra space but I literally wore the same outfits every week,” another college student chimed in.

Sweeney’s third tip for incoming freshmen is to make connections with fellow first-years online before stepping onto campus. Nowadays, college students can network with others in their graduating class through Facebook groups and Instagram pages. Sweeney recommends that incoming freshmen take advantage of these online student hubs.

“Making connections with people online just helps you make friends,” she explained. “You’re gonna see people that you talked to online in-person, and just having that familiar connection of when you guys talked over summer, or snapped, or DMed or just anything, [it] will just help you.”

The fourth tip Sweeney has for new college students is to figure out which study methods work best for them. She recommended Quizlet as a convenient study tool, especially for term-heavy subjects like biology.

Another social tip that Sweeney shared is to prop your dorm door open on move-in day.

“This is literally how I met my friends — my best friends now,” she said. “Your door being open, it’s inviting.”

The final college tip in the first part of Sweeney’s series is to have a designated pair of shoes for frat parties.

“Do not wear shoes that you like. They will get ruined very quickly,” she warned.

Sweeney later posted a second part to finish her college tips list.

“Thank you for these tips! I start college next month and I’m so excited,” an incoming college student commented.

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