TikToker shares genius sticker removal hack

Lexie Byers racked up over 5 million views on a video in which she demonstrated the ultimate shopping hack that she learned from her mom. “I have a life hack that is going to blow your mind,” Byers says at the beginning of the video. “Anything with a sticker tag, STOP PEELING IT OFF”. Instead, Byers takes a piece of tape and sticks half of it on top of the sticker, really rubbing it in to make sure it’s secure. Then, she “waxes” the sticker off using the loose end of the tape that isn’t attached. Byers then demonstrates the technique with several other cups, all with the same piece of tape and never leaving any residue behind. TikTokers could relate to the struggle of removing these pesky stickers. “The amount of hours that I’ve sat going to WAR with these,” one person commented on the video. “I usually just soak them in water,” another added. “But this is helpful”. For those who have more stubborn price stickers to deal with that can’t get wet, using a hairdryer will loosen the glue beneath the sticker