TikToker shares Disneyland Halloween hack that you ‘never knew existed,’ and Disney fans are obsessed

Lovers of all things Halloween and Disney are applauding this TikToker for sharing her Disneyland hack, just in time for spooky season.

Katarina Mogus (@katamogz) gained over 3.7 million views, 465,000 likes, 43,000 saves and 800 comments after uploading the Halloween hack to her account.

Mogus’s Disney tip isn’t the first to go viral on TikTok. Earlier this year, a mom’s Disney World sponge hack caused major controversy on TikTok. Before that, a creator gained millions of views when he shared his “genius” turkey leg hack that can save families a ton of money on meals.

But Mogus’s video seems to be arriving just in the nick of time for the holiday season.

Filmed at Disneyland in California, the video by Mogus reveals to Disney fans how to take their holiday apparel to the next level — all done right within the park, and in the same day.

After buying a pair of Halloween-themed Mickey Mouse ears for $34, Mogus made her way over to Plaza Point, where she was given a catalog of personalization options.

Once she’d made her customization selections (which cost an additional $21), an artist at Plaza Point got to work. Mogus then headed out to the park to enjoy all the seasonal sights and snacks while waiting for her custom ears.

And while Mogus’s ears were perfect for Halloween, Plaza Point offers hand-drawn customization for all seasons and events — so long as customers hang on to their receipts, and keep all the tags on their ears.

‘Where was this a week ago when I was at Disney?’

Disney fans were quick to share their reactions to Mogus’s hack in the comments — many of whom were disappointed they hadn’t known about this option sooner.

“Whaaaaat how did I not know this,” commented @nichole.keele.

“Noooooo wish I knew about this two weeks ago! How cute! Maybe next year I’ll make it back 🙂 thanks for sharing,” wrote @pebs1081.

“DANGIT! Where was this a week ago when I was at Disney?” commented @pupcuz1.

Others helped their fellow Disney lovers by revealing what other locations offer such services.

“For any WDW [Walt Disney World] goers we can do this too!! At ye old Christmas shop at magic kingdom,” wrote @megan.nwilliams.

But that wasn’t the only Disney hack Mogus shared with her followers.

In another video, she revealed how to take photos in front of the Mickey Mouse pumpkin without waiting in the long lines.

“Thank you! Heading there Sunday,” commented @jtpeckham4.

“We did this and then I used Google photos to automatically remove background people,” added @sparkytlc.

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