TikToker shares the ‘best’ dating advice he received from an older woman: ‘We tend to think texting tells us everything’

A TikTok user is drawing praise after passing down some dating advice from an older generation.

The TikTokker, named Tyler (@tygreenmtn), posted his video in late July. The clip was a response to another user’s post about the relationship between texting and dating — and all the anxiety that connection can cause.

Tyler proceeded to offer the “best” dating advice he’d ever received. He added that, despite the fact that the advice felt extremely modern, it actually came from an older woman.

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“Honestly the best dating advice I ever got came from a boomer who was telling me about how — before all the digital technologies that we’re native on — how did they discern if someone liked them or not,” Tyler said.

His post is just the latest viral TikTok to get deeply transparent about dating.

In another popular clip, a therapist revealed the most “significant” details couples should know about one another after six months of dating. Meanwhile, TikTokers have also used the app to call out their dates — including a woman who exposed her date for trying to “pick” an outfit for her.

Tyler’s video, meanwhile, offers some fairly straightforward advice. As he explained, the older woman told him that even before texting, people would spend plenty of time overanalzying their interactions with someone they liked.

“She was like, ‘Sure, we would still be trying to read into what people said, and their actions, or whether they called on the phone,'” Tyler relayed.

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The key difference, Tyler said, is that those interactions were far less frequent than they are today. Without social media or texting, people only had one way to really know if someone liked them.

“Are they spending time with you?” he said. “Are they making plans to do stuff with you?”

The woman’s ultimate advice, Tyler explained, is that people shouldn’t read too much into how much someone is texting them, or even what they’re saying when they do it. Instead, they should just think about when and how that person is asking to spend time with them.

“I think that we lose that perspective sometimes,” Tyler said. “If someone’s not texting you 24/7 — sure, that’s data. But when I catch myself overthinking text exchanges, I think of the boomers.”

“We tend to think texting tells us everything,” he added in his caption.

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