TikToker reveals real reason you shouldn't gossip at work

Here's why you shouldn't gossip at work, according to one finance expert. Before Frank Niu retired at 30, he spent a decade working as a software engineer for companies like Netflix, Grubhub and Credit Karma. Niu shares his career wisdom as a part-time content creator on TikTok. He advised that if you're gossiping with a coworker, they're likely also gossiping about you. "The people that you work with are not your family," he said. "You can't go blindly trusting them" . "Most people put on some sort of work persona that's not who they actually are. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, everyone is looking out for themselves". People felt like Niu's advice was an honest assessment of the corporate world. "[There is] not a single person out there that isn’t faking their work identity. Don’t let the name 'corporate politics' fool you … It’s everywhere," a user said

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