TikToker reveals bizarre medical theory about popular Disney ride

A TikTok by user @hellomynamesjon that highlights a unique medical study has gone viral with over 874k views. Authored by urologist Dr. David Wartinger, the study looked at the correlation between riding Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and passing kidney stones faster. “Wartinger found that some of his patients had passed kidney stones after riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,” @hellomynamesjon explains in his video. With the Florida amusement park’s permission, Dr. Wartinger was able to test his patients’ testimonies using a 3D model of a kidney containing three kidney stones suspended in fake urine. The kidney model was placed on the ride inside a padded backpack and given 20 spins on Big Thunder in different areas of the coaster. The study found that when seated in the back of the coaster, the fake kidney passed 64 percent of stones. In the front seat of the coaster, the rate was much lower at 16 percent. TikTokers are having quite a bit of fun with the concept. “Hi boss, I have a kidney treatment scheduled next Friday,” joked another. “My insurance better cover a Disney trip,” wished another