TikToker pranks husband with totally fake grocery list

The devious wife, Michelle Park, made a totally phony grocery list for her spouse, then sent him on a mission to Whole Foods.Her demands included several fake items, including “fat-free avocados,” “seedless strawberries” and “half diet coke”.Park recorded a video of the stunt and posted it on TikTok. Her clip, which features a phone call with her clueless husband, has since been viewed more than 2.3 million times.On the call, Park’s husband admits he’s been scouring the store for nearly an hour. He also adds that he’s asked multiple employees for help.“I’ve been walking around the Whole Foods for 45 minutes, and they said they don’t have any of this stuff,” he tells her. “Nobody knows anything about anything”.“Really? Because I’ve been waiting to get fat-free avocados,” she replies, struggling to hold in her laughter.TikTok users seemingly loved the prank, calling the idea “hysterical” and “genius”.Park’s husband seemed to take the whole thing in stride, too. In the comments, she wrote that he also thought the prank was “hilarious”.“He’s the best and no he wasn’t mad,” Park captioned the video

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