TikToker perfectly recreates iconic shopping montages from Y2K movies: ‘I always wanted to be them’

As TikTok confirmed, the nostalgia-inducing glory of the early aughts is alive and well among Gen Zers.

TikTokers like Jasmine (@jasminetxo), who dedicate their platforms to creating primarily 2000s-related content, only emphasize this trend.

In early February, Jasmine posted a video showcasing her own rendition of a shopping montage commonly depicted in many films from early in the decade.

“I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE THEM,” she captioned the video.

“POV: Popular girls going shopping in 2000’s movies,” reads text on the video.

As the chorus of Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” begins to play, Jasmine and her friend, played by fellow TikToker Coco Devile (@cocodevile), walk toward each other wearing very aughts-appropriate outfits with flip phones in hand.

They then proceed to look through a series of racks, test different perfumes and try on a variety of outfits before checking out.

One of the final shots of the video shows the girls walking — in slow motion, no less — with massive shopping bags in hand.

For those of us familiar with early aughts teen movies, Jasmine seems to draw inspiration from notable flicks like “Mean Girls,” “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,” and “Aquamarine,” which memorably showcased the fashions of the time.

With over 1 million views and 155,200 likes, Jasmine’s montage found an audience among equally nostalgic TikTokers who believe “the shopping montage was always the best part.”

“I secretly always wanted to be the popular girl,” lamented @bliss.is.meeee.

“THIS ICONIC ACTUALLY,” wrote nobody.is.here00.

“I wanna be them now never mind when I was younger,” commented @mollymelodyx.

Currently at 5.8 million followers and counting, the Australian-based influencer has a wide range of delightfully early aughts-themed videos, including “POV: Angry breakups on Disney Channel” and “POV: Disney characters getting ready for prom.”

As aughts fashion staples like monochromatic velour tracksuits, low-rise denim, kitten heels and the so-bad-it’s-actually-kinda-good trend of wearing jeans under your dress continue to gain traction among Gen Z, expect to see even more videos like Jasmine’s circulating on TikTok.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the ongoing resurgence of all things aughts, influencers like Jasmine definitely deserve praise for how playfully and accurately they capture the decade.

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